November: A recap.

So many great things happened this past month and I got pretty behind on writing- oops! Here’s some of the highlights:

The month started out with me coming home from vacation. The return to work came with the return of the cold weather, this time for good. November has been all about sweaters, tights under jeans, and gloves.

The second weekend, Meredith and two of her friends, Brooke and Sally, came to visit! They started their trip earlier in the week in Bordeaux and ended with a weekend in Paris. It was so fun to have visitors again.

Friday night, Meredith, Brooke, and I got into the great, reservation-only restaurant, Frenchie, after they had a cancellation right when we got there! This is what life is like with Meredith. We had the best meal. It was a five-course tasting menu and we licked every plate clean. The staff could not have been nicer and we ended up closing down the restaurant. I highly recommend this if you’re coming to Paris. If you can’t swing a reservation, they have a wine bar and a take-away lunch spot that are more casual but still delicious!

We had a great rest of the weekend- only one, minor trip to the ER included! I love getting to spend time with Meredith and she’s been such great help through this journey as an au pair since she knows first-hand what it’s like!

November was all about food. And not just Thanksgiving. This past month I branched out a lot more with my dinners for me and the kids. I’m having a lot of fun cooking and I now look forward to planning what we’ll have for dinner each night! Here’s a few things I cooked this past month that I enjoyed:

I did a lot of sightseeing around town in November. One of my favorite places was the Opera. The pictures speak for themselves. It was stunning. I’ll be trying to see at least one show here before I leave!

Last, but not least, the most exciting thing that happened this month was SNOW! On the last day of the month, none the less. While it only lasted for about 1 hour, and didn’t stick to much more than the cars, it was still a magical moment.

December is going to be another busy but exciting month! Emily arrived today for 5 days (!!) so I have a lot to look forward to before I fly back home for Christmas on the 23rd!

Hope your November was as happy as mine!


1 thought on “November: A recap.

  1. The food pics look great, Callie! The restaurant ones AND your home cooking. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!


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